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Monday, October 30, 2006

already planning for the next headache

After we finish the backyard and a couple other small projects (replacing the front door glass, etc.) we're planning on moving on to the den. This project is going to be the most extensive in the house as we're planning on making the full bath (left wall in picture) a 1/2 bath to make the room larger. There will also be new plastering, new floors, etc. to worry about.



sarah said...

how many full baths do you have in the house now?

wallowmuddy said...

you have a contractor coming in, i hope?

thomjesse said...

We'll have 2 1/2 baths instead of 3 once we make this change. Currently there's a bathroom on each floor and originally we were thinking of just plain taking this one out (thinking it would be cheaper) but everyone has told us that we would regret that.
And as far as a contractor - we're not totally sure yet. But probably...I don't really want to see Thom do demolition.