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Thursday, February 28, 2008

some people think i'm lovely

As I mentioned previously, we have amazing artists contributing to our Mexico festivities. And, while I want everything to be a surprise for our guests, I'm so excited I can't keep it all in any longer!

We recently finalized our order for rehearsal dinner goodies and they arrived all the way from Switzerland. Everyone that I've spoken with via Etsy has been delightful but Christa has been especially flexible.

I'm so happy to have her artwork part of our weekend. Check out her flickr site too!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

living on the edge

We started preparing some of the food for Friday's party already. I figured we better get organized since I have 12 hor d'eouvres on the menu - only one have I made before. So we started with these delicious chili lime peanuts.

Ok, we're going to work on these food photos. Break out the real camera for once.

a boy scout's always prepared

We stopped by Jetro today to stock up on some beverages for the upcoming "friend's weekend" festivities. We thought Mexican beer would be fitting...
We did not, however, get Pink Champale. Ew.

it gets cold in here

Thom got me a slanket for Valentine's Day which, I think, he meant as a joke - and it does look pretty hilarious - but it's quite useful when it's 38 degrees in the house.

Yup, we need new windows.

Friday, February 22, 2008

gym? what gym?

free cupakes and it's friday? whoo hoo!

forget broccoli

I can't wait to use the new blender to make curried carrot soup!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

his name is jasper

it's only fair that he come to live with us, isn't it?

Monday, February 18, 2008

sweet and sour

It was fantastic to have a long weekend - especially since I'll be heading to jury duty tomorrow. But there are some drawbacks to Mondays. The Doughnut Plant and Papabubble were closed today. No sugar rush for us. Thankfully, the Pickle Guys were open.

half sour spicy pickles

mondays off

Thanks to President's Day and fantastically warm weather we walked over to Tom's Diner this morning. As usual there was a long line waiting for a table. Thankfully they keep you occupied with a constant supply of water, coffee, orange slices, cookies and strawberries while on line.

Hmm, who needs breakfast after all?

Patiently waiting

new plates, new food

Someone gifted us the set of plates off our registry which means we have something like 22 place settings. "Why would you ever need that many" you ask? Well, you'd be surprised. We always seem to have a shortage around here.

Last night was a small dinner with Matt and Jackie but it was nice to try out the new plates anyway.
Spinach salad
Broccoli soup with chili oil (thanks to our new blender from Thom's parents!)

Wild mushroom pasta and crispy asparagus

Saturday, February 16, 2008

birthday bbq

We went out for Korean last night. I obviously didn't partake in the sushi or bbq but had some tasty bibimbap.

27 and married. When did that happen?

happy valentine's day

They put out green m&m's at work this week in honor of v-day. What a perk.
That's Camille eating them at 10:45 in the morning. She doesn't normally stick her tongue out at me...

dinner parties are best at other people's houses

We went over to Omar and Megan's this past Wednesday for an amazing dinner. They made delicious soup and butternut squash lasagna and I didn't lift a finger. Come to think of it - I hope they're not annoyed that I just sat there...

Jackie waiting patiently for dinner.
Megan taking a breather.
Thom partaking in a little pre-dinner cheese.

blurry party pictures

Last weekend we went over to Matt's place in Windsor Terrace to celebrate 100 days until they're lawyers! Which, of course, meant tequila and jello shots.

Jackie double fisting wine and a jello shot in the kitchen.
Matt dancing with a baking pan. Can you tell they're excited to graduate from law school?
Sure the Superbowl was, like, weeks ago. But I'm running a bit behind these days. Sue me.

We set up our new outdoor furniture in the den to have a bit of extra table space for all the treats. I can't wait for summer...
Band practice...
Buffalo "chicken" wings and 7 layer dip. Yum.

Needless to say - there was some celebration around here. Thankfully Thom didn't go through the floor.

must you take my picture again?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it but Jasper is really at his most adorable when he eats. He chomps down on tiniest little piece of carrot or whatever and his face gets all contorted. Apparently it takes real concentration to chew when you're just a wee 6 pounds.

This only slightly beats Jasper in the cute contest.

via Dooce

days of yore

Thom and I spent an inordinate amount of time at the new Beer Table this past weekend. It was just slightly bitter sweet since it's 3 blocks from our old condo.

Not only are Justin and Tricia incredibly friendly and knowledgeable but the beer and cheese is fantastic. And they may start to have salads!

I'm hooked.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

revising history

When I mentioned to my cousin, Heather, that I wouldn't really recommend the Brooklyn City Clerk's office as a romantic or classy locale (don't we know it?) she offered to beautify some of the photos from our ceremony. I don't really want to remember the "stained glass" hideousness or peeling walls.

Thanks to Heather, I can now remember our emotions and that my hair looked damn good. As an added bonus, it also reminds me of the very beginning of our wedding planning when we were considering the DUMBO waterfront as the perfect location for our nuptials.

Thanks, Heather.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

we go there for the atmosphere

This Friday evening we went to Spuyten Duyvil and Fette Sau (owned by the same people) in Williamsburg. Thankfully Thom and I had already eaten dinner otherwise we would have gone hungry. Well, we did have a pickle.

But we certainly weren't left thirsty...
Interesting draft beers, no?
Fittingly blurry whisky.
What else do you do when you're waiting for your meat?
Matt and Jackie, however, had not eaten dinner. They enjoyed their ribs and burnt ends. I tried not to make unappetizing faces.

The bartender specifically asked that I not take his picture. Although I wasn't trying to take his picture - just the bar. Wonder what that story is...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

tuesday night treats

bibimbap and green apple soju