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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

it's not a stretch to be trashy

This weekend we'll be preparing for a small superbowl-related get together. And by preparing I mean, Thom'll be drinking beer and gluing his eyes to the screen. Meanwhile Jesse will be stopping by for commercials and half time. But hey, any reason to make some special drinks and eat junk food.

While Justin Timberlake will not be gracing us with his presence there will be CHEESE BALLS. No, I'm not kidding - I've been waiting years for an excuse to get these from Costco. Yesss! And Thom's drool worthy vegan buffalo wings.

I'll try to catch any manly displays of can crushing on camera. Of course this could be difficult considering we tend to drink fancy, imported beer. Not so much with the cans...sigh.

(In case anyone is wondering, while this may not be the exact jar of cheese balls this is the correct size. Let's just say it dwarfs Jasper.)


Haverly said...

Um, did I tell you that Cait and I are going to see Justin on the 7th? HOW excited am I?

I was already excited for the superbowl, but those cheese puffs take it to a new level!

Susan said...

And think of all the things you can do with that jar when it's empty.

thomjesse said...

um, yeah I think we'll be recycling it. (it's plastic)

tammy said...

yummm i want some now. i miss you today!

ola said...

"Thom'll be drinking beer and gluing his eyes to the screen."

How is this different from any other day?