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Saturday, December 29, 2007

makeup lessons

Yesterday I had my makeup done at the MAC store in Soho in an attempt to learn how to do my own makeup for the wedding. Mondo, who applied the makeup, seemed very suspicious of me being able to do this on my own. He suggested that I do a few trial runs at home and then come into the shop for him to critique my technique. Practice makes perfect...

(forgive my depressed look in these pictures but all that makeup is awfully heavy)

So what do you think? Too much? Too bridal? Can I even replicate it?


sarah said...

looks purty!
i would have doubts about its ability to be replicated tho.

Tati said...

Mac was used for TV and such and then they brought it to the public.. You may want to steer clear for the wedding. I personally did Presciptives and Clinique, at the time they had nice beachy/day time colors that fit my wedding... You look awesome thou!