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Saturday, May 19, 2007

a little inspiration

We're looking to take a trip to the location of choice in the near future to gather some more information and make some decisions. But, in the meantime, I've been talking to some hotels to determine if we can afford to be as fancy as we'd like to be. And doing some research on the indigenous wildlife and culture.

Some ideas for invitations and place cards. You can click on the image to make it significantly larger.

Dahlias are the flower of Mexico (hint, hint). And they come in so many variations.

Mexican Cactus Flower

For the record, I reserve the right to change my mind a hundred times (we're in no rush here) but I'm thinking I may wear a white dress (gasp) and then have red bridesmaid attire. Clearly I'm getting more traditional in my old age. The color scheme would be rich, fiery colors (reds, oranges, a touch of yellow) to go with the spicy surroundings.

Did I hear "theme party" anyone? I briefly threatened to have a Dirty Dancing themed wedding. One of my co-workers passed out at that suggestion. I guess that might be tacky ;-) But for the rehearsal dinner - all bets are off. Dirty Dancing Havana Nights perhaps?


Valerie said...

sounds HOT!!!!
was worried about last flowers shown, tulips and roses, wouldn't stand up to tropical heat and prohibitively expensive to import to Mexico or CR

Valerie said...

P.S. the Dahlia's are gorgeous as is the cactus flower.

Jackie said...

I like red :)

Tati said...

Totally caliente!