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Monday, July 23, 2007

There are moments when I'm simply overcome with boredom and I think my eyeballs may fall out of my head. Sometimes this happens during a long meeting about technical requirements (do I care if its 240k with AJAX?) or when Thom's decided to watch all the episodes of John From Cincinnati (seriously - I don't get that show. What's wrong with a little airy fun?).

Typically at those moments I start flipping through my favorite blogs for distraction. Who am I kidding - I'll use any excuse for a juicy blog read. Recently during one such blog-gourging session I linked to Orangette from another favorite blog. And I fell in love.

She's just the most amazing person with the most fantastic mouth-watering recipes (and pictures!) and the most beautiful story. I dare you not to agree:
here and here.

Thank you, Thom for asking me to marry you. Otherwise I never would have found all these interesting people who are documenting their wedding planning on blogs. I guess there are a few other benefits to marrying you. Like having someone to share all the cool anecdotes I find on the blogs. And establishing a true appreciation for Martha.

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