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Saturday, April 26, 2008

a hop, skip and a jump

We've had several requests to detail the wedding trip.  So, sorry for the delay and the lack of professional photos - those will come.

First we traveled from New York to Tampa so that we could drop off Jasper with Jen and Leigh and pick up my parents.

Jasper hanging around in the airport bathroom...
Thom and I had a lovely mani/pedi in Tampa.  We had the first appointments of the day so it was like our private spa.

We also had some damn decent pizza and beer in St. Pete.
And, most importantly, were able to visit with Jen and Dirk who weren't able to make it to the wedding.  But it felt a bit like they were involved since we got to see them right before heading to Mexico.
From Tampa we had a stopover in Houston where we met up with Tung, Val and Tony.
Mexico - finally.
After getting off the plane and a short car trip to San Miguel de Allende we grabbed a quick lunch.  The heat was a bit of a shock after our chilly New York weather.

But waking up the next morning in a our big, fancy house-for-the-week to a delicious breakfast made it all feel real...

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