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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

everybody loves a tuesday

I've been obsessively watching several artists' websites in the hopes that they will someday be selling a painting that I can actually afford. Alas, this is yet to happen. Someday we'll win the lottery and I'll spend all my time cultivating an enormous and bizarre art collection. Sigh.

But every Tuesday a little ray of light enters my life when Tiny Showcase features a different artist's print. The proceeds always go to a charity selected by the artist. And recently the prints are by artists whose work I've been coveting.

So every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM Thom diligently refreshes the website until the print appears. This Tuesday we snagged "Wolves Teeth" by Evan Harris .


Jackie said...

Ooh I like that.

Anonymous said...

val said
Ooh I dislike it!

Valerie said...

people in their bvd's just doesn't do it 4 me!