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Sunday, May 04, 2008

the calm before the storm

We hit the ground running when we arrived in San Miguel de Allende. My parents, Thom, Tung and I spent the first evening putting together the guest bags. We set out early the next morning to deliver them...

We also had to pick up all the liquor for the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. As we found out, it's no small task getting all the specific items we wanted in Mexico.

Thankfully Haverly brought the biggest bottle of Jack Daniels she could carry. A saint, that one.

With the two big tasks taken care of we were able to relax a bit with friends as they arrived in SMA. That's Andy with the "baby" margarita. It's actually a normal size drink - just looks tiny in proportion.

The next day we had organized a day trip for everyone that was in town... There was something vaguely camp-like about being on a bus with all your friends and family. Not that I ever went to camp but I imagine it was like that.

Pottery in Dolores Hidalgo

Thom and his huge sunglasses. Thank goodness he sat on those. If he hadn't - I would've done it myself.

Helado in a million flavors. Avocado was my favorite.

After a long day of trooping around we all got cleaned up for "welcome cocktails" at Gallo Restaurant.
After cocktails we went to Planta Baja for more cocktails and a little food.

Omar's superfine hat made the rounds all weekend...

I'm not sure what is happening in this picture but Omar sure is good at making faces.


And wherever we go we bring the dancing.

many of these pictures thanks to omar

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