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Sunday, December 03, 2006

happy valentine's day to me

I was promised a grille last V-day and now, almost a year later, we have one in our backyard. We picked it up in New Jersey yesterday and had to unpack the entire box to get it to fit in the car. Thom put it together last night and now it's settling in to its new surroundings.

It'll be perfect to cook all the recent Fairway purchases.

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sarah said...

so funny - we had a very similar "grill in the trunk" fitting problem! we drove all the way home w/ this box hanging half way out, and the trunk secured by bungies, only to find that the grill was damaged! had to ride all the way back w/ it in pieces, and then back home w/ the oversized box. very amusing. btw, love that you posted like, 5 times in one day!