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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

summer rolls in winter

I've been itching to try this for ages. After several failed attempts, Tammy finally helped me find the right rice paper for summer rolls. We picked up some vegetarian shrimp and I practiced my rolling skills. Not too shabby for my first attempt.

Tammy would be so proud.

Plus they looked so yummy on one of my new Thomas Paul plates that Thom got me.


wallowmuddy said...

Oh! They look great! So glad it all worked out (and love the plates -- excellent taste).

Susan said...

So what's the right rice paper? These are the ones you roll and that's it, right? No cooking whatsoever?

thomjesse said...

Emily - I'll bring some to work next time (needed to test my skills first.

Susan - Every time we were in an asian store I was looking in the frozen aisle (near the spring roll stuff) but they're not refridgerated! They get soaked in warm water and then wrapped. That's it!

Mark said...

Can't wait to try them!

tammy said...

i AM proud *sniff*. they look so great!