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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

still fans of JetBlue

Some of you may remember Thom's fury during our flight to San Francisco in May thanks to the broken TVs...

While flying on Flight 641 from JFK to SFO on Wednesday May 16 my television did not work at all. Instead of being greeted with a lovely DirecTV screen, my
television was flickering constantly. To further exacerbate the issue, I was unable to turn the brightness on the screen down. It was quite unpleasant to say the least. Necessity is the mother of all invention and luckily I was able to build a contraption from the Air Sickness bag that was able to cover the TV Screen. While this provided me with some much needed tranquility from the constant flickering, I
was still without the most important part of the JetBlue experience, the TV! While both flight attendants tried their best (repeatedly whacking the video player device under the seat!) their attempts were in vain. I'd like to ask for some compensation for my duress. The last time something like this happened to me on Jet Blue I was compensated for my inconvenience.



Maybe you're thinking, "duress is a bit of an exaggeration." I assure you - it's not. There was definitely some duress on Thom's part.

And they responded:

Hello Thom,

Thank you for your email regarding your recent JetBlue flight and your
inoperable DirecTV monitor. We understand how disappointing this was for you, especially when you have enjoyed this service in the past.

Please be assured that we will continue to offer this service on all
our flights; however, because you were unable to watch our Inflight entertainment on your recent flight, we have issued you and Jesse each a $15 JetBlue electronic voucher for this disappointment.

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Susan said...

$15! How generous of them!