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Monday, June 04, 2007

whistle away

When Thom and I first started dating he purchased a horribly unrealistic teapot - the kind of teapot that is meant to sit there and look pretty but not be used. At least I assume that's its purpose because it certainly wasn't functional. (For the record - it was pretty.)

The old teapot had no protective covering to shield you from the scalding stainless steel handle so I was always hunting for the stupid oven mitt. It also managed to rust almost immediately (I have no idea why) and never whistled to alert me that the water was ready.

As Haverly knows well I have, on occasion, been known to forget a pot of boiling water on the stove. (Who knew the entire pot could turn bright red and the burner go kaput so easily?) So I'm looking forward to the musical whistle of our new flame-colored Le Creuset teapot - our very thoughtful engagement present from Ben.


Haverly said...

[walking home from a night out in London] Hey, what's that red thing glowing in the kitchen window??? Uh-Oh

Barbara said...

I like your new teapot.. Are you planning to register somewhere??