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Friday, November 10, 2006

70 degree days wasted

Miraculously the weather in NY has been quite nice lately. We've had a few pretty warm days. I had imagined that just this sort of heat wave would come in handy so that we could enjoy our gorgeous, FINISHED backyard.

Hrmpf. It's. Not. Finished. Not even close.

Of course (I imagine) no one is more dissappointed by that then Chuck (the gardener). They're obviously losing money on this project. What he told us would take 10 days is clocking in at more like 2 months. And we're not paying a penny more.

It also means that we'll be bundling up until we can't even sit down (including Jasper) in order to enjoy a bit of time in our backyard once it's finally done. In the meantime, I'll look longingly out our kitchen window (trying NOT to look at the actual kitchen with it's vomit-inducing tile floor).

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wallowmuddy said...

Oh, you haven't seen a vomit-inducing floor until you've seen my dad's new place. Bright gold tiles covered in a spider web of hairline cracks from baseboard to baseboard in the kitchen. It's a fixer-upper, and the kitchen is first on their list for 2007!