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Thursday, November 16, 2006

sweep, you say?

This is the view from our front door down the block. Fall has officially arrived. Sure it may not feel like it since it's still a balmy 70 degrees. But the trees know the truth.

And our front sidewalk - covered in leaves. If we don't sweep this up soon not only will we risk getting a ticket from the city but our neighbors will admonish us for bringing the block down.

The people that live on this block are serious about appearing a unified front. I've already been interrogated about our holiday traditions - "Do you believe in Christmas?" When I clarified that we're not really all that religious and that I'm, in fact, a Jew (if a non-practicing one) our neighbor shook her head to explain that's not really what she cared about. Would we be stringing gaudy lights come Christmas time?

Apparently, the
block has some sort of competition. And so lights there must be...

1 comment:

wallowmuddy said...

This is serious! Does the block trend gaudy (big honkin' reindeer nose lights)or classy (cute white twinkle lights)? Does everyone have to own a Mazda on the block too? ; )