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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

we're fancy and custom

Our "custom" (read: just another reason to charge you a ridiculous amount of money) bench for our dining table was finally delivered this Monday. According to From The Source (where we got the table) our special bench had to be made on the other side of the world since no one else is idiotic enough to order a three person bench. It was then shipped on the slowest boat ever and lost somewhere in their warehouse. Meanwhile, for three months we've had the table and four chairs and only fantasized about what it would be like to sit across from each other.

Just in time for our New Year's festivities we can now comfortably sit 8 people at our dining table. I just realized - I don't think we actually have that many dishes. Uh oh.


sarah said...

is it just my computer, or is the bench darker than the table? either way, it looks awesome! and why are three person benches an oddity!?

thomjesse said...

yes, the bench is darker than the table. sniff. it actually doesn't look that bad in person though - less noticeable.

i guess this is what happens when you order something from the other side of the world.