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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Besides being one of my favorite movies, it's also a nice thing to have when taking a shower. We just replaced our water heater yesterday since the old one was leaking all over the cellar floor. And hot damn do we have hot water! I didn't even realize that maybe we shouldn't have to turn the hot faucet alllll the way on and not add any cold water. In fact, I've found that I no longer know how to ajust the hold and cold faucets to reach the perfect temperature. I nearly got second degree burns this morning.

One other benefit of the new water heater has been making us feel old, old, old. You know you're an adult when you're married and get excited about buying a new water heater. When did that happen?

Naturally, while the plumbers were in the cellar they mentioned that we might have a few other issues to take care of - joy. Thank you 100 year old house


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Valerie said...

It's just starting !