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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

what's 'friend's weekend' again?

When we started to plan our Bachelor/Bachelorette weekend we realized that we would actually be married already. Which, you know, makes total sense. When have ever done anything in the proper order? But then it didn't seem right to call it a "Bachelor" or "Bachelorette." We could have gone with a "hen weekend" or "stag night". But we're not English (much to Thom's chagrin) and plus we like to confuse people.

And we certainly did. We got a lot of questions when the invites went out. But in the end everyone got it - one big party! And it was.

First we gifted the groomsman with their fancy custom converse sneakers...

The weekend was cold...

We had a full refrigerator ready to feed 30-something people.

In fact the food spilled over. I nearly have Thom convinced that we need a second fridge in the cellar.

Thom had to run out for missing ingredients half a dozen times.

Dirk went with him. He was not amused.
Everyone pitched in.

Even Thom...

It was quite a spread.

Dirk and Tung were ready for the party to start...

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Valerie said...

Very cute !