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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

it didn't end there

After we spent the day cooking and preparing people started to arrive...

We had name tags since everyone wouldn't know each other.

I made some fresh habanero-infused tequila for the occasion.

Jackie organized a newlywed game. Naturally, Thom won. Who remembers random crap like that?
Me pondering my answer.

Jackie and Matt look on.

Kristin, Mike and Kalisha. The person who took this picture (not me) either had too much to drink or was trying to be "artsy."
Ben being Ben.

Kalisha and Sarah. (Sarah just got engaged this morning, by the way. Congratulations!)

More habanero tequila shots.

With a kick.

Isabelle and Tony who will be getting married in November.
Isabelle getting down and dirty.

Something must have been funny.

Nope. I haven't had a lot to drink.

Tung and the evil eye. Clearly still recovering from his trip to Cambodia.

Jackie also hasn't had a lot to drink. PBR, anyone?

The cutest couple - Phil and Zack.

Er, maybe not?

Ghostly pictures as the dance party really gets started.

The Friday night house party was tons of fun. But we all had to get a bit of rest so we could be prepared for Saturday...

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