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Monday, March 03, 2008

a tale of a girl and a whale

As a child I was persuaded (read: threatened) into sitting on Shamu while on a family visit to Sea World. I received a stuffed animal for risking my life and limbs. My mother got a blurry picture of her daughter perched atop a 3 ton dolphin.

Lesson to us all: Don't be intoxicated during once-in-a-lifetime events. The pictures will suffer.

A lesson we did not heed during this past weekend.

This past weekend was our "Friend's Weekend" which is what we chose to call our joint Bachelor/ette festivities. "Why?" you ask. Just to be complicated - so there. And why did we have our Bachelor/ette party after we were technically married? Because doing things backwards makes us happy. We're simple people.

Nothing was especially racy so just as soon I get my hands on pictures taken by a more sober individual we'll regale you with tales of our adventures. To hold you over take a peak over at Hav's.


Susan O said...

You were VERY LUCKY to get to sit on Shamu. And while my picture, due to a very large beer, was indeed blurry, Sea World did send us a wonderful picture in the mail several weeks later. And you looked very happy.
Having said all that, I have to also say that I strongly disagree with the concept of keeping large sea animals in captivity and I no longer patronize such places as Sea World.

sarah said...

haha. susan's comment is awesome. in other news, I want to see friends' weekend pictures! now!

Valerie said...

I remember that picture, in fact I had a copy of it and had it displayed for quite awhile. Wonder where it is now?

Pam said...

I emailed Susan and she thought I should add this to your list of comments about your tale of a whale:

However we have our own family story from which ever theme park it was that did back stage tours etc.
We took the boys [Nathan 5 and Ben 8] to the Harry and the Henderson's soundtrack stage. As we walked in they asked if Nathan would help out for a scene. Of course we pushed him up there [video cam in hand] and assured him we were "right here". The scene was each audience volunteer had a noise to make for the soundtrack. They were going to put it all together so we could see how it all works together. Nathan was to ROAR when his mic light came on. He got stage fright and wouldn't do it and wanted to get off the stage. We kept telling him its ok but after a couple tries we pushed Ben up to help [cameras rolling!!!]
As his part came up a guy in the Harry suit [big foot if you've forgotten] came out. Nathan wasn't at all afraid of him! We all laughed but he never liked seeing our video of himself on stage.

I also agree. Don't think whales should be trained as circus animals and hate that they have tours here to get up close. Watching from the shore has always been enough for us.